Learn about some awesome home upgrades you can't see plus get inspiration from kitchen remodeling trends still around.
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August 2022
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Sometimes, the best home upgrades are the ones you can’t see. These hidden gems might be out of sight, but they can make your home more comfortable and functional. First, however, see the kitchen remodeling trends that are still popular this year.


Tim Ellis and the T.W. Ellis Team


Kitchens used to just be a place to make a meal. However, times have changed. Now, the kitchen is a gathering place for the entire family and a focal point of the home.

Since the kitchen is such a big part of your home’s overall look at feel, it’s wise to keep up on current trends. Let’s talk about what we’re seeing in kitchen remodeling trends for the rest of 2022.

Bold Colors
The all-white kitchen is getting pushed aside for bold, dark colors. We are seeing more homeowners ask for dark blues, greens, or black when it comes to their cabinets. The darker hues give the kitchen a more sophisticated appearance, especially when they’re paired with reclaimed wood accents that are also surging in popularity.
Granite Is Still In
Granite has been a longtime favorite when it comes to countertops, with quartz and marble not far behind. What is different is that the slabs homeowners choose have more veins and detail than the plain colored countertops we’ve used in recent years. Carrying the countertops up to the backsplash is also growing in popularity as opposed to tiled backsplashes.
These Incredible Home Upgrades Are Out of Sight. Literally.
woman stepping onto heated bathroom floor from free-standing bathtub
When it comes to remodeling, most of us just think of the fun cosmetic upgrades that will make our homes look nicer and reflect our personalities. You may be dreaming of marble countertops, a huge walk-in shower, or floor-to-ceiling windows that will make your home look modern and luxurious, but did you know there are some upgrades that can’t be seen that you may like even more than those?

Hidden upgrades are available and can change your life. These upgrades may not be necessary, but once you include them in your home, it will be hard to do without them. These are some of our favorite hidden home upgrades you need to have in your home renovation:

tubing laid out for heated flooring
Heated Floors
Heated flooring is a must-have for homes in cold climates. Including them in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom will keep you feeling warm and comfortable all day. Radiant heating can be installed with most flooring materials and offers convection heat that is energy efficient. 

Radiant heated floors heat the entire room, not just the floors. This will save you money on your energy bill, and this upgrade will also be a huge selling feature when it comes time to sell your home.
Heated Countertops
Like heated flooring, heated countertops are a feature you didn’t know you needed. Countertop heating mats can be made to match your counters and cabinets and are usually only put in specific spots in the kitchen since the pads aren’t large enough to cover the entire countertop. These pads will heat the counter to a temperature that is comfortable to touch without feeling cold.

Heated countertops will keep your morning coffee warm longer and make it more comfortable to place your hands or arms on the counters. They are especially beneficial for people who have arthritis or joint pain since the warmth will provide comfort to their arms and wrists.

Central Vacuum
If vacuuming is one of your least favorite home chores, you should definitely consider installing a central vacuum system. These systems are permanently installed and contain a motorized suction unit.

This means the days of lugging around a big, bulky vacuum will be over, and your home will be cleaner than ever before. In fact, many homeowners who installed a central vac said their allergies had improved since the central vac took care of more of the dirt and debris that can make allergies flare up.

pop-up vent behind range eleminated need for range hood
Pop-Up Ventilation
Ventilation in the kitchen is necessary for keeping your kitchen surfaces clean, absorbing odors, and keeping smoke and steam out of the air. Most kitchens have a range hood that is both functional and adds to the kitchen’s overall design. If you don’t like the look of a range hood, you could opt for pop-up ventilation instead.

A pop-up vent can be installed near your stove to perform the same functions as a range hood but is hidden away. Some pop-up vents are touch screens that are easy to clean and have LED lighting, which light up your stovetop. You’ll need to find a system taller than your pots and pans since anything released into the air above the vent will stay there. Overall, pop-up ventilation is a hidden upgrade you will love.

What other upgrades would you like in your home? We have ideas! Give us a call so we can discuss all the features you’d like to see - and some that you can’t - when we plan your home remodel.

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