March 2020
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Spring is so close we can smell it on the breeze, and we are ready for it to get here! If this time of year makes you throw your windows open, clean everything—top to bottom—, and organize your house, this month’s article on organizational solutions is for you. The newest in organization does much more than stow things out of sight: it is a total lifestyle shift. Minimalism trending is deeper than appearances and all about preserving your most valuable asset—time!

Whether you’re actively planning a bathroom remodel, or just daydreaming about the possibilities, this month’s blog on 4 ideas for fixing your dysfunctional bathroom will inspire you. If you have problems with your bathroom, we have solutions. Contact us today to get started on your bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, deck, addition, or whole house remodel!


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4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Fixing Your Dysfunctional Bathroom

Knowing when to hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom is often a mystery until we discover we hate going into the space. Our bathrooms should be where we go have a relaxing soak in the tub after a long day, somewhere to enjoy preparing for the day with our morning routines, and a functional, safe, room with ideal lighting. Waiting until we hate going into the space isn’t a good idea. We should pay close attention to these reasons for a bathroom remodel:
  • Not enough space to keep our belongings tidy
  • Odd, difficult to navigate layouts
  • The lighting is too bright or too dim
  • Everything about the room looks too old for our tastes

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for More Space
The New American Home boasts a show kitchen adjacent to the outdoor kitchen. A glass wall separates the two spaces when the house is not open to the outdoors.
A Fresh Season to Get—and Stay—Organized
Where is your out of control area? The space in your home where various things are spilling out onto every surface? For many of us, it is our kitchen. Even with plentiful cabinets, we can find ourselves collecting so many serving platters, cookbooks, or small appliances that we quickly run out of space. Pantry walls and custom cabinet options have been popular for several years, and they only get more advanced with time. Pull out pantry cabinets allow you to view all of the items in the back of your pantry, so that ingredients will not get lost in the dark depths of a traditional pantry shelf.
Additionally, one of the hottest new kitchen trends is having a butler’s pantry or "messy kitchen." The butler’s pantry can contain a food pantry, refrigerator, area for storing serving platters and dishes, and a sink and dishwasher for clean-up, all with a door to conveniently hide the "mess" from your guests. In our era of YouTube cooking videos featuring immaculate, clutter-free kitchens, it’s not surprising that the messy kitchen trend is catching on in larger homes.

The main kitchen stays tidy and is often used as a show kitchen when you have a messy kitchen or butler’s pantry, but there are lots of other options for keeping your kitchen organized. If you have no desire for multiple kitchens, or you just don’t have the space, a pantry wall can work wonders for keeping you organized. Pantry walls contain custom storage options and cabinetry for all of your food, gadgets, and dinnerware. Appliance garages built into your cabinetry can also keep counters clear of clutter by housing all of your small appliances out of sight.

This Butler’s pantry is from The New American Home, 2020.
Drop Zones

For some homeowners, the entryway is the problem space, as they wind up dropping keys, coats, bags, and more, close to their home’s entrance. The next thing you know, an entire table is full of mail, receipts, tote bags, and maybe even the floor around the table has items stacked beneath it or propped against it—those items that you were just going to put there "for a minute," but they have been sitting there for a month. This is how clutter accumulates. A drop zone contains enough cabinets and dedicated storage spaces that you can keep everything sorted. They can be placed near your home’s entrance or any other space in the home where you naturally let things accumulate.

Dedicated, Customized Storage is Becoming Timeless

More and more, as homeowners seek out these organizational solutions for their homes, dedicated storage is becoming a design staple when remodeling or building new homes. Consider ways a remodel could incorporate an easier and more functional lifestyle this spring.
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