Planning for multi-function rooms when remodeling and examples of wood flooring in the kitchen.
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March 2022
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If you’ve ever watched Chef Alton Brown then you’ve probably heard him complain about “unitaskers”, items for the kitchen that only have one use. The idea that tools should have more than one purpose can carry over into rooms in your home as well.

We all have rooms that are multi-functional but planning for the multiple uses can help you get the most from your space. First, however, take a look at some examples of wood and wood-type flooring you can use in the kitchen.


Tim Ellis and the T.W. Ellis Team


It used to be that you would never have wood floors in the kitchen because of the possibility of spills. One leaky dishwasher and your floor is warped and moldy forever.

Guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way! Now there are so many options available to give you the look of a wood floor without worrying about water damage or warping that would occur as a result of a spill.

Here are some of the best options to give you that classic, sophisticated wood look in your kitchen:

Engineered Wood
Engineered wood comes in many different styles and designs, including some specifically designed to stand up to the daily punishment of kitchens.

It is made by bonding a thin layer of plywood with a thin layer of hardwood which is why it is less expensive than hardwood floors. A high-quality engineered wood floor can last 25 to 30 years.

Maximize Your Space with Multi-Functional Rooms
These days, people are spending more time at home, so they need the space to work, play, and pursue their interests. But most people don’t have unlimited space.

Who said rooms in your home could only have one purpose? We can help you create multi-functional spaces in your home. Here are a few ideas to help get those wheels turning:

Home Office/Guest Space
How many of us scrambled to find a space inside the home to set up shop when offices shut down and work from home became the new normal?

The rarely used guest room was the most logical place for many home-based employees, but does that mean we can’t have family and friends visit us anymore? Of course not!

To have a space that allows you to have a productive workday while also accommodating occasional out-of-town visitors, you just need a plan.

You’ll want plenty of desk space integrated into the room, so you don’t lose floor space for a guest bed. For this, you could consider converting the closet into a desk area, so you don’t take away any square footage. This space would also allow for storage and organization of equipment and files that can be hidden away when you have visitors.

The office/guest room should have sufficient electrical connections for computers, phone chargers, and any equipment you use.

When arranging your office, think about what the backdrop for Zoom calls will look like. It’s kind of awkward to have a bed behind you.

Virtual school might be a thing of the past (thankfully), but many parents are taking a more prominent role in their kid’s schooling. These families need a room where schoolwork can be done with parental supervision and assistance.

This usually ends up being the kitchen.

You can set up the island for a spot where kids can eat quick meals and do their homework. If you don’t already have them, installing electrical outlets into the island will be a huge lifesaver so the kids can plug in their laptops.

You could also dedicate one of the kitchen cabinets to be a storage space for school supplies like pencils and paper.

Having your kids set up shop in the kitchen also makes it easier to keep an eye on them, making sure they’re on task while you’re cooking dinner.

Gym/Recreation Room
A basement or bonus room is a great place to watch movies and relax, but it’s also an excellent place for a home gym.

For this space to work, you could create “zones” for seating, exercise equipment, a television, and so forth. This may take a little bit of trial and error, but it can be done!

Installing a surround sound system will create a real cinematic experience and also hype you up for your workout. However, you’ll also want to add soundproofing and acoustics to the room, so you don’t hear loud movies or workout music in the rest of the house.

Ventilation is also essential, so the room doesn’t smell like a sweaty gym all the time.

If you need help thinking of creative ways to make use of the space you have, give us a call! We can go through your wants and needs and come up with a solution that will make your home more enjoyable and your life easier.

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