You have to see these kitchen design trends and unique walk-in closet additions that can change your life for the better!
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November 2022

Dear ,

Think your master closet is just a small room to hang your clothes? Think again! With a little imagination, your master closet could become your favorite room in the house. Here are some ideas to make that happen.

Also, lets look at some design trends you should expect to see in the coming year like mixing materials and using dark colors.

Tim Ellis, Owner of T.W. Ellis, LLC


Tim Ellis and the T.W. Ellis Team


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Can you believe 2023 is right around the corner? Looking ahead to the new year, we think there will be some fun and exciting new trends in kitchen design. These new trends will be quite the change from the muted, understated kitchens that have been popular for years.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in the new year and aren’t sure what to include, we put together a list of 5 kitchen trends we expect to see in 2023.

Mixed Materials

A fun new trend we are seeing all over the house, but primarily in the kitchen, is mixing materials that you wouldn’t think to mix. You can mix materials to achieve a modern look as well as a versatile kitchen.

For example, you could install natural wood countertops while keeping granite on your island. This way, you can put hot pots and pans on the island without worry and use the counters for prep space.

If you are having trouble moving away from the super-matchy kitchen, you can still incorporate this trend by keeping your materials in the same color family.

For example, you could do dark gray cabinets with dark tile floors and concrete countertops. With the right finishes, these materials will make your kitchen look stylish and interesting.

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The closet used to be a place to keep your clothes, but now they are evolving into so much more. Today’s walk-in closet looks more like a trendy boutique than a closet. This space should be clean and well-lit and makes you feel calm, especially as you start your day.

Need some help figuring out what to include in your luxury master closet? Here are some must-haves:

Dressing Area

To make getting dressed easier, you need to have a designated space in your closet to try on clothes. You’ll need full-length mirrors so you can check yourself out. If you have the space for a three-way mirror, that would be even better!

Your dressing area should also have seating - a bench, at the very least. This way, you’ll be able to comfortably put on shoes or sit and sip some coffee while you ponder today’s outfit choices.

Built In Cabinets for Storage

Designing and building your own closet means you can include cabinets and shelving unique to you. If you want everything kept out of sight, large built-in cabinets with doors will be a must-have. High-quality cabinets can be the puzzle piece that transforms a regular closet into a luxurious space in your home.

We don’t blame you if you prefer to show off some of your best pieces! We can create open-concept storage, complete with lighting to act as a spotlight. You’ll also want shelving for your shoes and handbags, as well as a designated space for jewelry and other accessories. Remember, an organized closet is key for a calm, stress-free morning.


You don’t want to get dressed in the dark, do you? With proper lighting, your clothes will be illuminated, making the tough decision of what to wear a little bit easier.

There are quite a few options when it comes to closet lighting. We like recessed lighting to light the room from above. LED strip lighting is another great choice and is easy to install. They can be added anywhere you feel could benefit from more light. Some examples could be your clothing racks or shelves. We could add a window or two to give the closet natural light because nothing beats natural light!

Lastly, a chandelier is a must-have in your luxurious closet. A large hanging light fixture reflecting your style will be the finishing piece that brings your closet to life.

Coffee Bar

This may seem a bit extravagant but having a coffee bar in your closet is a game-changer. You won’t have to walk down to the kitchen to get your day started. Instead, you can brew a cup of coffee while you’re deciding what outfit to wear.

Want to turn the closet of your dreams into a reality? Let’s chat! Together we will make a plan to convert a forgotten space in your home into a place you want to show off to your friends. Give us a call so we can get to work.

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